Friday, 19 August 2016

Update and return

wow time has past and i have not been here, but i return now, with news, i feel much better now my illness has passed.

i no longer have a Master, we parted our ways after a death in His family and He did not have have the time or the willingness to carry on our life as it was, to my mind He moved on after all as i have said before this is not for everyone and some change i do still love Him and talk to Him from time to time showing the respect that He should be shown.  

Now have a Mistress such a change such new things to learn and new ways to explore myself and joy and freedom of being Her's, i love her deeply and we plan to be together forever be this D/s or vanilla

I will be posting more words and thoughts soon, this i promise i have some things on my mind all ready and will put these thoughts down and bring them to you soon

please feel free to message me here i will get back to you, please be respectful i am spoken for and taken,

"To me, the collar around my neck,
the weight of the steel is the only thing,
i need to know that Mistress loves me and
will forever hold more weight than a ring on my finger
or a piece of paper from a government office."