Saturday, 20 August 2016

A submissive go's shopping

So the cost of things keeps going up, food, power bills, car tax, etc
and well the cost of whips and chains is not getting no cheaper... but can you do D/s on the cheap and be safe

only thing I don't suggest skimping on is a collar :-
1. It's round your neck, chocking hazard
2. it's important.

But honestly anything else can be got on the cheap with a little thought.

So lets say you want that cuff and chain set

Ever thought of your local hardware store
clips for cuffs and linking chain together - key belt clips

How about the pet store
some of the cat collars make cute cuffs (and there hard to get out of)

local engravers
name tags (you will need to git your teeth here if going for your own name or Owners)

Being handy with the sewing needle or the hammer and nails always helps
adding a few hooks to the wall and ceiling joins also can go along way
(hang pictures on after to hide them)
naked hammer swinging can be such a turn on to your Master or Mistress if done right

Ebay is another good place for picking up things, just remember

cost = quality
if it's cheap its not going to be the best... think before parting cash

we made a body chain, round middle to writs and ankles for 25 pound all in, not the 125 pound we saw listed and it was custom made to fit me with simple handyman skills and tools we own.

so next time your out shopping think dirty you will be surprised
you will never look at chain link the same again

be safe, have fun