Friday, 24 December 2010

9 of the best (punishment)

This never happened to me and it hope it never happens, posted with permission of the Master and kajira (Gorean slave) who this happed to.

9 of the best by kajira s (a true story)

girl woke in the morning as normal and saw to my normal duties, coffee and breakfast for my Master, today was like any normal day, but in my body i felt a burning twisting feeling. From the hall way i heard my Master go into His office, i picked up His tray and took it to Him placing it on His desk, i stood there for a moment, hearing my own heart beating in my ears.

“go prepare the room and your self my girl, lets get this over with” Masters voice was hard and cold

“yes my Master” i whispered hardly able to speak.

i set about getting the room ready for my punishment, my cuffs made of polished steel gleamed on the shelf. The small box on which i would stand while my Master bound my hands above my head and then clip them to the roof beam was in place under the hook, then i made sure the the first aid box was at hand for afterwards.

Having made sure that all was ready for the punishment, i returned to Masters office and kneeling in the door way said “my Master the room and girl is ready” Master got up from His desk and walked past me not even looking at me, “bring the slaves whip” where the only words He spoke His voice hard.

Now a word about the slaves whip, made from a dark brown leather about a meter long maybe about 2 inches round, at the grip tapering down to 2 knots on the end. It hangs in the hall way, coiled and ready for use. One of my tasks is every week to take it down, clean it, check it over looking for cracks in the hard plated leather. This slaves whip is never used for anything, but punishments.

As i took it down from the wall Master had gone up to the room. i followed Him holding the whip in my hands close to my chest as i entered Master was facing me, i knelt at His feet then after kissing the whip held it up to Him, my eyes looked up at Him, had He grown taller and stronger i thought to myself. He took the whip from me then took my top off lifting to up over my head keeping my hands up. Before i could move my hands back down the cuffs where round my wrists there cool steel grip tight. Master lifted me to my feet and looked into my eyes. He softly kissed my lips, then said “are you ready my girl”

“yes, my Master” i said with a timid tone to my voice

He helped me step up on to the box and clipped my hands high above my head then the box was taken away, my toes just touched the floor taking some of my weight off my writs.

Master walked round behind me His fingers ran down my back His touch felt soft but cold.

“you will count my girl, I will pause if you use the safe word, but you will get 9 of the best, you know the safe word”

“yes my Master” i said trying to ready myself.

“and that is ?”

“steam my Master”

there was another pause

Hearing the tip of the whip hit the floor my whole body went tense, ho hell this is really about to happen Master was not playing with me.

i heard the first one coming a sharp crack in the wind when it hit me taking the wind right out of me

“1” i managed to say.

Snap crack a wall of heat ran down my back snapping my head back.

“2” i sputtered

“ok my girl” Master said matter of fact like.

“yes my Master” i managed to say.

Boom the 3rd one took my feet from under me for a moment i hung from my wrists burning pain shoot up my arms making me forget the pain in my back and find my feet in seconds.

“3” i whispered

4 came seconds later,

“stop” i said


“stop my Master” i begged


“please girl begs my Master to stop”

my mind was a mess, how did i get myself into this, i'm a dam fool, what was i thinking how do i stop this..........


“steam, steam” i all most shouted.

Master put His arms round my middle and lifted me up a little and pushed the box under my feet

“are you ok my girl” His voice was soft and gentle

“a moment please girl begs”

He nodded His head and i took a few deep breaths.

“what's the count” Master asked

“7” i replied

“how many to go”


He paused a few more moments then asked “ready”

“yes my Master”

He kicked the box out from under me, “ow” i cried out.

8 cracked in to my back Master was not holding back


my head fell forward into my chest tears flowed down my face dripping off my nose.

Master coiled the whip and placed it on the shelf , then looked me right right in the eyes, now my Master is not a soft man or a weak person, but i was sure there was water in the corner of His eyes and His face looked sad.

He then turned and left the room, my toes just about managed to turn me round to face the door. Omg i was on my own Master had left the room, then I heard Him going down the stairs.

“my Master” i called out, nothing “my Master” i called again, still nothing

left with nothing, but the sound of my own blood rushing in my ears, the pain in my back and arms and my own thoughts.

I'm not sure about how long i hung there like that maybe a hour time was a bit of a blur

Master came back into the room and ask “have you learned my girl ?”

“yes my Master” i sheepishly replied.

“and that is”

“when Master tells girl to do something do it the first time”

“and what else”

i paused a second

“then you have not learned my girl” He said as He turned back to the door.

“not to crave the attention of my Master when i know that he cares for me all ways” i whispered all most asking?

He stopped in His tracks and turned back to me

“say that again, so that I can heat hear you better”

“not to crave the attention of my Master when i know that he cares for me all ways” i said louder

He put His arms round me and held me close lifting me up again putting the box back where i could stand on it and i started crying again.

He unclipped my wrists and slowly lowed my arms. He pulled me close to His body. “Good girl” He whispered into my ear over and over. He held me close to His body while my sobs subsided. He took the cuffs of my shaking hands then lifted me in to arms and carried me to the shower where He set about washing and tending to my back.

W/we talked for a bit while the warm water ran over my body, He told me how He hated to punish me, and the He was all ways thinking and taking care of me.

“I'm proud of my girl” Master said later as he watched me put the slaves whip back on the hook.

“am I going to have to do that again” He asked matter of fact like.

“no my Master, never” i replied as i knelt at His feet, He rested His hand on my head and i wrapped my arms round His leg. “good girl, my wife, my love, my kajira” He said softly.

This one is a stupid little slave girl, who for a moment forgot how much Master cares for girl, and acted foolish looking for a bit of attention and that hurts more then the lashes but not as much as seeing the pain in my Masters eyes after He put the whip down.

girl will never forget that my Master is all ways thinking of girl caring for girl and loving girl.

For girl is His mind body and soul.

The end

posted with permission of the Master and kajira (Gorean slave) who this happed to.

for this one i am turning comments off

posted by the submissive with the slaves heart XxxX

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

thats snow fun or chains and snow

i awoke this morning to a crisp white world of snow, good maybe W/we will stay in bed ha fat chance of that, "black wine" my girl (black wine is gorean for coffee) "yes my Mistress" and so to the normal duties i went. now my duties are morning drinks and breakfast, sort any post bring the milk in etc. ensuring to Mistresses needs.

"ho and sweep the path of snow" She called
"yes my Mistress"
so i set about dressing for snow, dam my ankle chains are still on .
"Mistress my" i was cut off with the words "Sweep girl"

so into the yard bear foot and wrapped in my coat i went.

sweep sweep sweep chink sweep sweep sweep chink

this was not so bad could have been a lot worse until i was sweeping under the fur tree that stands about 8 foot tall in the garden (the path go's right past it)

when boom i knocked a branch and most of the snow fell off on to my clean path via the inside of my clothes i turn swiftly and foom over i went crashing into heap face first in to the snow i had been sweeping up . some muttering went on

now i was cold wet and looking like a snow man, but the worse part what the chain had got into a knot and my fingers where so cold i could not untie it. so theres me in nothing on but a night shirt coat and ankle chains hopping up the path when i hear the guy next door come out of his house and start sweeping could it get any worse ? yes

"morning" he calls...............

Thursday, 16 December 2010


well i am back....... seems about the last place i can post my feelings and words, for the last 2-3 years i've been running a group on facebook and a forum for submissive's, slaves & kajiras (gorean slaves) well it would seem that well, my words feels thoughts have upset someone..... as all on the same day my group and forum get removed no word as to why, just poof "your group has been removed" well who ever it is was hope you keep better now freedom of speech my bottom.

on the other hand guess i will just have to ramble on here (ok feel sorry for you)

just a little update of what's happened to me.
been in and out of hospital a few times
been studying the Gorean kajira (eg leaning the poses and kneels etc)
oo and playing far to much second life where we have our own Gorean sim.

i promise now that i will be about more

the submissive with the slaves heart xxx