Saturday, 11 February 2012

how to

how to ware leg chains in public (and not get spoted, hopefully)

you will need leg chains (longer then normal up to the knees when warn and pulled up is good)
elastic+safety pin.

1 put on leg chains as normal
2.tie elastic to center of chain with a good strong knot
3.pull chain tight and some of the strech in the elastic (but not all the strech)
4 using the safety pin, pin the elastic to somthing that is not going to fall down the top or center of bra (back) works well, do not use knickers as they fall down !!!

v2. this takes guts as you can hear them clink as you walk.

you will need a long leg chain that can reach from you ankles to your belly
belly chain that can not slip over your hips.

1 put on leg chains and belly chain
2 find the center of the leg chain and lock to the center of the belly chain at the center on the back of the belly chain

*** ware long skirt or trousers over chains take short steps DON'T FALL OVER ***