Thursday, 29 January 2009

Why am I submissive

There are 4 questions here and I will deal with them in turn.

1 Why do I feel I need to submit?
2 Why am I this way?
3 Is this a curse?
4 What type of submissive am I?

Why do I feel I need to submit?

I believe in life we are all given a role some are born to lead some to follow others give nothing, but take all. Others give, but keep some for themselves. Others (like myself) have to give there all.

Why am I this way?

Now this is a hard question, I'm not this way due to something happing to me when I was young, in fact I had a happy childhood, my family where kind and loving. Yes my time at school was not that easy as I was not one of the "in crowd", but I can't see how that would make me what I am now.

Yes things have happened to me now, some real nasty things and I still carry the scar's both mentally and physically, but did that make me submissive? No. I've all ways been like this.

Question 3.
Is submissiveness a curse?
(this is a very long answer, but I can't say what I want to say in less words {please forgive me} )

No, Submissiveness in humans is an aspect of the social fabric of life.
some are born to lead, some are made to lead and there are those that follow, there are those give, but hold something back then there are those that give there all.

Now I started that with the answer NO, but that's wrong. As yes it can be a curse and this comes down to the type of submissive that you are. I believe there are 6 types of submissive

The Bottom:
Enjoys b.d.s.m. but never gives complete control, there is all ways a safety word there for a chance to stop and power.

The bedroom submissive:
The best way to portray this type of submissive is in every facet of life she/he may lead, but when the bedroom door shuts the roles swap and he/she submits to the dominant. In the bedroom is where the power exchange happens. It is also where the power exchange stays.

The Psychological Submissive:
This happens out side the bedroom, She/he can give her/him self to the dominant, A psychological submissive can give up as much or as little as she/he needs to surrender. The surrendering of the power is the driving force.

The Submissive with the slave heart:
In the psychological submissive the submission comes from a psychological need to submit. However the heart is a different matter. The love of the dominant is craved. The submissive with the slave’s heart desires to give her/his heart as well as her/his submission to the Dominant. This type submission is complete and will carry over into everyday life, the power is all ways given no matter there the submissive is.

The total submissive:
As with the Submissive with the slave heart who needs to give love to there dominant, a total submissive is the same with everyone. The level of love to the person they are with can and will change, but the submission part never changes, this type submission is complete and will carry over into everyday life, the power is all ways given no mater who the submissive is with or where he/she maybe. If a label must be given I would put this kind of submissive under "The Submissive with the slave heart" as they are both about the same.

The Slave:
Unlike the submissive the slave surrenders complete control to the Master/Mistress. Am I saying a slave has no limits? No I believe we all have our limits these limits may be moral or cultural, but I believe those limits do exist. I also believe a good loving master/mistress will respect the limits of his property “the slave” and take care of there slave.

Now I think that submission is not a curse in the case of the bottom, the bedroom submissive or the Psychological Submissive, as they all have a level of control over what happens, in the case of the bottom, there's a safety word. The bedroom only happens in the bedroom. The psychological Submissive can give as much or as little as they feel.

Now in the case of the submissive with the slave heart and the total submissive, there is no safety word, it happens all the time, you have to give your submission as your heart will not allow any thing else. In this type of submissive you crave to give your love and your submission, you can't help it, you have to, and you have to be loved back. And that is a curse, as you can find yourself hurt real fast and real bad.

The salve is happy as a slave, as that slave is what they want to be they know that they are under the control of there master/mistress and want for nothing else.

Now I've been told I'm just a slave well that's wrong a slave can be nothing, a nobody, can live with out giving or taking love. I on the other hand can not.

Question 4.
what type of submissive am I?

I'm A submissive with the slave heart or total submissive.

summing up
now my views on types of submissiveness are my views, yours may be diffident. I'm not saying mine are right and yours are wrong as I'm not in a place to say otherwise.